Furnace vent covers

I have three blowers for the Twintemp heater mounted throughout the trailer.  I have them in the cabinets and simply cut out an opening in the cabinet face.


I needed a way to cover these so they look nice but not stand out.  I first purchased a standard home heating register, but it was white and bulky.  I did not like the way it was going to look.

So I decided to build my own.  I got this metal screen stuff from Ace hardware.  It closely matches what was in the trailer for the kitchen cabinet doors.  I also purchased some wood trim.


I got out my miter box and started cutting away.  Here’s what I ended up with.


Not bad for an amateur.  Only two more to go.  Here is a shot of the kitchen one installed.



Here is a shot of the one under the twin bed.


And the last one in the bathroom.  One more job completed.  Many more to go :-(.


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