The little things

I decided to polish the propane tanks. I just gave them a quick compounding with Nuvite C. After that I painted some of the rusty spots on my spare tire mount, antenna, and TV rotor box.

I mounted the spare tire. Basically I was stalling because my new ladder was “out for delivery”.


I stalled as long as I could. My ladder showed up 30 minutes after I was done. Oh well, I’ll use it in five years!

I used a 12′ A-frame ladder and used a microfiber towel to hand buff and apply NuFinish polish over the whole trailer. That was a work out.




Here is a garbage bag of all the polished soaked pads, cyclowraps, microfiber towels, etc. I was thinking of trying to wash and reuse, but decided to toss it. Just too much to mess with. New towels and wraps are just part of the price to me.


Here’s a final overview shot. Glad to be done!


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