Street side done. Mostly.

Finished the cyclo passes on the street side today at least from the tops of the windows down. I’m waiting for my new ladder to go any higher.

I opted to do one more quick compounding using C at the “eye level” locations to try and get the deep cuts out left by the F7. Worked pretty well for the most part. It could be that I need multiple cyclo passes of F7 to really knock them down. As it stands I hit everything once with the cyclo F7 followed by S.


I quickly followed that up with my wax of choice NuFinish. It’s easy to apply. Says once a year polish on it, but you have to reapply in 30 days. Go figure.


It was 4 more hours of polishing bringing me to 30 on the refresh. 120 overall. It started getting too hot to polish so I decided to install my Wally Byam Caravan sign I purchased to hide the hole left by my original license plate light location. I also installed a new license plate bracket. Still waiting for the state to allow my use of my 1960 YOM plate.


Hope to finish next weekend. It’s going to be tough with these high temps!

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