Basically finished

I was able to spend six more hours today polishing the trailer. Too bad my new ladder didn’t show up on time. I compounded the street side above the window line all the way up to the center roof panel. I used a 12′ A-frame ladder to get better access to the top of the front and rear domes.

Even with the 12′ ladder, I could not get the access I would like to get the top center of the domes. I got enough to be happy. I compounded most areas with Nuvite F and on the lower panels I followed with Nuvite C. After that it was one pass with cyclo F, then S again only on the lower panels.

I used to try and get two areas off of one cyclo wrap position. I thought it would save me time and money because they are expensive, but also it takes some time to shift positions. However, what I found is that reusing a position took more time because it took a lot longer to cleanup all of the polish from the skin. So, one area per cyclo wrap position worked the best.

I do need to hit the aluminum propane tanks with the compounder tomorrow. I also need to take a microfiber to the street side top and rear dome, the follow up with the NuFinish.

Feels good to be this close. Refresh 39 hours. 129 hours total from the first time I cracked a jar of Nuvite.


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