Finally another trip in the Ambassador! All systems go!


This is an old back up that is all that remains of the Ambassador blog. After the was compromised the host deleted everything and did not have any clean backups. This was the latest backup I had.

Luckily it has all the restoration posts intact. That is the most important part.

We did make it out in the Ambassador this week. We hit up the Monterey and Santa Cruz area. Had a great time at the beach and aquarium.

The campground had one large tree we decided to go for the shade.

Unfortunately, there was a by-product of a shade tree…

After two hours of pressure washing, most of it came off…

It was worth it, we all had a great time. Everyone wants to hit the road again soon.

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3 thoughts on “Finally another trip in the Ambassador! All systems go!

  1. Auj


    It is relieving to see a new update on this blog. I love these pictures and all those underwater scenes.

  2. Pennys Steamin' Byam

    Thanks for the update Tim!
    With the weather finally warming we too are excited to again go streamin’ – good to see your AS again!

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