Trailer with a tail pipe!

Only had a couple of hours to work on the trailer today.  I’m trying to get it buttoned together enough so I can get it weighed.  I want to weigh it before I order the new Dexter axles.

Part of that was getting the fridge secured and now I need to get the belly pan tied back up at least temporarily so I can tow the trailer to a weigh station.

Today I finished up the exhaust system on the Twin Temp Jr.  Basically it is a 1-1/2″ black pipe that screws into the bottom of the Jr.  I needed to add one small nipple so I could extend it below the belly pan.  Then I dawned on me that I could have had it run through the belly pan and just have the exhaust pipe end exposed on the outer perimeter of the bellypan/side wall.  It would be great for ground clearance.

I had already built up this solution and it only extends a couple of inches below the bellypan so I don’t think I’ll catch it on anything.

Here you can see it just poking out the bottom.  I was told I can get a chrome exhaust pipe tip that will screw on.  I’ll have to look into that.


Here’s another shot at belly pan level.


And the last one looking up from below.  It’s on there pretty sturdy.  But I’m sure I could rip it off on something if I tried hard enough!


That extra hole there is the fresh air intake for the Jr.  I am going to add a second one and then screen over them.


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