Microwave and more!

Today I worked on getting the convection microwave installed.  It needed a special shelf built and the addition of ductwork for the venting.  I had ordered the built-in kit.

Here you can see the special shelf.  I made it so that i can be removed w/o pulling the entire cabinet.


Next is the duct work that comes in the kit.  The kit sells for around $120, so its not cheap. 


I was hoping the kit included some secure way of mounting, but it did not.  I guess the fine folks at Sharp assume your cabinet in your house will not be traveling down the freeway at 65MPH :-).  So I ended up making a bracket in the front that attached to a screw on the bottom of the microwave, and I’ll add an “L” bracket on the rear.  Only problem with that is the microwave won’t be removeable from the front w/o pulling the cook top.

Here is the microwave in place all trimmed out.  Not bad for a first timer…


I moved on the kitchen faucet.  I picked up a single handle Moen.  Pretty nice with a pull out sprayer.


And here is a final shot of the day, with the cook top set in place so you can see how the finished kitchen will look real soon.


Well, thats it for now.  As always, more to come….

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