Little stuff

Holiday season and trailer restorations do not go together.  No time to work on trailers and the time you have its cold and everything is much harder to do than it should be.

I did manage to get a couple hours in today and go some small items done.

I abandoned the original power inlet on the curbside of the trailer for a safer modern version that I put on the streetside where the normal hookups are available at campgrounds.  So instead of leaving the useless inlet in place, I found an aluminum outlet on eBay that would replace it perfectly.

Here is the original inlet.


Too rusty and corroided to pull any meaningful power thorugh it.  If you have one of these I’d change it out asap.

Here is my new outlet installed.  Now I can use it for awing lights, or a portable radio or whatever when we are outside the trailer.



Other small items I acomplished today were getting the kitchen sink suppy lines stubbed in.  I also drilled through the flooring and added a drain for winterizing the water lines.


Lastly I put in a new gas line for the cook top I won on eBay this week.  It should be here in a few days.


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