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My long awaited scratch and dent Atwood cook top arrived today.  I had ordered a new drop in Wedgewood before and when it arrived it seemed a little cheap.  So I sent it back and ended up wining this Atwood three burner slide in.  It’s a better fit since its black and will match the convection microwave.  I’ll also get a black insert panel on the fridge when the time comes.

Like I said the cook top was about $100 off new.  It was a refurbished ebay purchase.  It does have a couple of bad scratches but I guess its worth $100 in savings.


Nice thing about it is that it has a peizo lighter built in.  The last one reqiured a match :-(.  This is also a slide in as opposed to the drop in I originally wanted.  So I had to cut the front of the counter off and the top of the cabinet as well.  Without instructions! 🙂


A little trial and some error, I got it fitted.  You might also noticed the large opening in the front.  That’s for the convection mircowave.  I ordered the build-in kit for it so it should look nice when finished.

Here is a shot with the microwave just sitting in place.


That’s it for now!  As always, more to come.

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