Laminating and more…

First the more.

The ends of the twins show some delamination.  I had enough 1/8″ oak left from doing the kitchen cabinet so I thought I do the ends of the twins.

Another thing that needed to be addressed is the streetside twin needs to be modified to allow full access to the TwinTemp underneath, as well as clearance for the drain into the grey tank.  This is actually taking a lot of rebuild work and tweaking.  Also the original staple construction has gotten loose over the last 46+ years.

Here you can see some of the delamination. 


Here it is with the new ends and set in place.  It still needs a few mods to allow TwinTemp access and I’m going to add a furnace duct out of the kick panel.


Even though it was too cold (around 55 degrees out), I decided to try and get the kitchen counter laminated.

Here is the counter with the contact cement dry and paint sticks in place.


Hitting it hard with the J-Roller as I pull one paint stick out at a time.


Here it is after using the router with the flush trim bit.  Worked pretty well.  I used a hair dryer on the curve to help get the laminate to bend around the curve.

Turned out well.  I’m please with it.  I just hope it holds up since it was cold out.  I put the finshed counter top in the house over night to aid in drying.


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