Enough with the wires already…

Man, this wiring stuff is exhausting.  You have to think about every little detail about whats going to be installed and where it is going to be installed.

Better run extra wires!  Cause you’re going to forget something you needed.

Today I started sorting out all the wiring that I had run to the curbside.  I started with this mess.


There are two number six wires in there for battery power, coax cable for the CATV input, coax cable for the antenna, speaker wires, tank sensor wires, and various power wires. 

Today, I finally decided that I’m going to build in an area above the fridge for an electronics central.  I’ll put a car stereo there, the SeeLevel gauge, and the Tri-metric 2020.

I also had to nail down some other decisions as well.  I decided to put the WFCO converter under the curbside bed near the rear hatch door.  I’ll put the battery in the rear curbside closet. if it fits 😉

Now that I have a plan, I need to do a dry fit test on the bed so I know where I can mount stuff.


Next was to finish running the wiring to the front and securing it down.  I also put in new 110vac electrical outlets for the converter location and the fridge.


Lastly I got the WFCO unit mounted and pre-wired to the battery location.  I need to order a Lifeline AGM battery and fuse block asap.


My 12vdc wiring is somewhat *distributed*.  The trailer has the original 12vdc wiring runs up to the front of the trailer where the original fuse block was.  Also the 12vdc charge line from the tow vehicle comes in there as well.  I ran two #8 wires from that location to the streetside bed.  From the bed I have two #6 wires running to the battery location in the curbside closet.

This basically gives me three places where fuse boxes will have to be placed instead of one central location if the trailer was being totally rewired from scratch.  Sounds more complicated than it is, but it should work out.

Now if only I had a key to that rear hatch door…..  Are  you reading this Colin?…..

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