Best laid plans…..

I had big plans today.   I was going to mount the grey tank, build *the box* for the TwinTemp, and do some cabinet work on the kitchen.  How’s 0 for 3 sound 🙁

First off, my digital camera broke 🙁 so I had to borrow my old one back from my dad.  Then the hole saw arbor broke drilling one of the cross member holes, not to mention how heavy the grey tank is trying to lift it myself.  Also I know why they call it a belly pan now, because my belly rubs against it while I’m sliding underneath about a thousand times :-(  Then at the end of the day my garage door opener broke.  Can’t open the garage door!  Great ending to the day 🙁

Anyway, that’s not why you’re here ;-)  This first photo is of the drain location from the kitchen into the top of the yet to be installed grey tank.


Here is the shot underneath of the grey tank cavity.  The one cross member was moved about 10 inches when I had my other welding done.  This gives me room for my 30″ grey tank.


Here is the hole I made just before the arbor broke 🙁


Here is a shot of the tank all prepped and ready to go in.  I put a rubber mat on the top of it for protection.


And finally here are the straps I fabricated to hold the tank up.  I got some rubber hoses to put over the straps. 


By the end of the day with nothing going well, this is as far as I could get.  I was too tired to hold the tank up myself so I just called it a day and will enlist some help later.

After I thought about it, its proably better that I did not get the tank in yet.  I’m getting a tank monitor from RV Gauge and it will be easier to mount the sensor with the tank out.

So much for my big Saturday plans!

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