Back on track

Last night I was able to figure out the problem with my camera.  Turned out the memory card was bad and you had to do some crazy reset on the camera with a new card.  Anyway its working.  ;-)  Garage door opener is still busted :-( 

Had a couple of hours to sneak in some work.  I was able to get the TwinTemp, mounted again.  I had to move it to fix the screen and change the mounting configuration.

I spent a couple of hours building *the box* for the TwinTemp.  The TwinTemp uses the air around the box for combustion air.  Kind of like a catalytic heater, or the space behind a propane fridge.  So you need to isolate the TwinTemp from the living space by means of an air tight box.  The plan is to build the box so it has enough air space within the box to function.  I’ve been working with the designer and was told 3/4″ – 1″ of space around the TwinTemp is sufficent.

Remember there is a fresh air intake through the floor of the trailer along with the power vent exhaust.  I put foam stripping around the rear edge of the TwinTemp and will mate the box up with that.  I figure I’m about 90% done with the box.  I need to do some fine tuning as well as get a way to secure it.  The box also needs to be removable for servicing.  Precision Temp is also going to provide some ceramic type of insulation to put inside the box as well.


So basically that was it for the day.  I’m going to have to try and get more done during the week some how.  This daylight savings being over is killing me….

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