Small step closer….

Nothing big today really.  A few small things.  Anything helps really since there is so much to do 😉

I replaced all the tear drop marker lights, and re-installed the door lock.  I also installed a new door catch and latch on the front battery box.

However, simply as this sounds it was far from simple.  The reason is I wanted to polish behind all of these items before I installed them.  Any the very bad news is my trailer has clearcoat on it.  Which means it has to be stripped off before it can be polished.

Not only does it have clearcoat but it appears to be much tougher than the clearcoat on my old ’71 Safari.  I’m using Bix stripper, and it took about four applications to get a head start.  I need something much tougher on this trailer.

Here are some shots of the work.  Here is the re-installed door lock.  I still need to do something with the deadbolt.  Since I put the door gasket on it does not lock.  I may need to get a new one and trim down the bolt.


And one of the tear drop marker lights.


Not bad.  It was just a once over with the compounder.  That clearcoat was a killer though.  I do not look forward to polishing this trailer!!

Next up was drilling the 2-3/4″ hole in the side of the trailer for the new Marinco 30 amp power inlet.  I moved the breaker box to the streetside so it will be closer to the utilities in the campgrounds.  I also wanted to update my power cable and power inlet at the same time.  So I had to drill a rather large hole for the inlet.  Not a fun job! 🙂

First I had to pay an obscene amount for the hole saw and arbor.  Then using my big drill I went for it.  All I can say is use a variable speed drill and go slow.  Real slow!  It has a habit of jumping on you and aluminum scratches easily!

Here is a shot of my newest hole.  It is right behind the streetside closet and comes in just under the new breaker box.


I dry fitted the Marinco to see how it looked.


Not bad.  One slight problem with the Marinco inlet.  It is supposed to lock in the open position with a nice positive *click*.  Well mine seems pretty wimpy.  If you slighly bump it it falls closed.  I called Marinco and they said it sounds like it has a problem.

Turns out they are not too far from me, so I’m going to head over and have them swap it out.  I think it will be faster than trying to mail it back where I got it.

After I get it back , should just be a matter of a few minutes to have power in the trailer again! 🙂

Now for a real bummer :-(.  I took off the lock to the fridge hatch door and took it to a locksmith.  I had to have him reverse enginner a key for it.  Which he did for $17 and provided me with two keys.  I though great.  Now I should be able to open the other storage door on the curbside.  I thought they would be the same key.

Guess what?  They are not the same!! 🙁 :-(.  And to top it off, that lockset is behind the inside wall.  So it’s likely I will have to remove the inner wall to remove the lock to replace or have it keyed.

Why would they make these different?!?!?!!  Either they are nuts, or one of the locks was changed in the last 46 years.

Nothing about vintage is easy… except the ability to spend money on it. 🙁


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