More sealing

I’m in the process of taking everything off the trailer that is mounted and seal it up again.  Turns out there are quite a few things to do.  Any everyone of them has had bad or dried up gaskets.  I guess 46 years in the Sun will do that.

Today I started on the water inlet on the front.  It’s a big mess.  Good thing I took it apart because it would have leaked like mad.

Here it is disassembled.


I decided to try and clean it up a bit and paint it.  I have no intention on using this again, but would rather avoid another patch.


Here it is installed again.  I was wondering what was supposed to hold the pipe in place.  The flange is screwed to the trailer but the pipe just flops around. Mine had a small strap around the pipe and screwed to the wall but it seems pretty whimpy.

A buddy on the forums explained that the pipe originally screwed directly into the metal tank that would have sat inside the trailer.  Of course mine was missing so I had no idea.


I also had no idea I put in back on upside down ;-)  That’s how it was when I took it off….. Oh well.  At least now it should not leak.  I put butyl tape behind the flange and put good amounts of Vulkem around the pipe inside the flange.  It’s pretty solid now, but I may look into a better way of securing it inside.

I also removed the original power inlet, and TV antenna wiring input and sealed behind them with the butyl tape.  All that’s left is the CB antenna, license plate light, and rear brake lights…

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