More bathroom work…

I got to put a few hours in on the bathroom today.  I was able to get the new riser for the toilet completed and screwed down.  It’s very solid.  Still needs to be trimed out.

The toilet is not mounted yet, just sitting in place.  On my riser I carried it all the way to the wall inside the cabinet.  On the original design, the riser stopped at the vanity, so when you opened the little clothes hamper door, you saw the top of the tank.   Now you don’t, you just see nice flooring.


I had to modify the bottom of the vanity a little to meet my new dimensions.  Turned out pretty good.  I have not secured the vanity yet because I need to run the plumbing supply lines behind the tub and I’m considering putting a TwinTemp heating vent in the base of the vanity.  So I want to be able to pull it in and out for more modifications as needed.

Here is a shot of the black tank where it ends up in the closet.  I added some 1″ boards there to help keep the tank from shifting.   At some point I’ll have to run that 1.5″ vent line up the side of the closet and out the roof.  And I’ll box in the tank as well.


Here is a full shot of the bathroom for some perspective.  It’s coming together nicely.


Well, that’s it for this weekend.  Time sure goes by too fast ;-).

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