Door Weatherstrip done!

I keep trying to call them gaskets, but I guess they are really weatherstrips.

Whatever they are called they are finally done.  A least on the door, which took new material in three locations!


Here is the before picture.  Note the excessive glue, and dirty door jamb.  I spent the extra time to clean it up.  That’s where most of the time was, cleaning the old stuff off and prepping it for new material.


So here is the new weatherstrip in place on a clean door jamb ;-) 

Only one problem.  The door I’m sure popped open sometime in it’s 46 years, because the door does not seal.  It closes much better then it did with the old dried out gasket, but there is a huge gap you can drive a truck through on the top :-(.

Now, I need to gently bend the door back in its original position to seal up properly.

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