The floor is done! …well mostly

First off, here is the photo I promised on the threshold.  I had to add a 3/8″ peice to bring it up  level so I could add the metal trim.

Here are some photos of the mostly finished work.  I have of course all the trim to add to hide the expansion gap.  Also more caulking to do to keep the water off the floor.

Yes, that’s a tub in my living room!  You mean you don’t have one in your living room? 😉


I like the way the threshold turned out.  Nice and simple.

Yes, I even added new flooring to the bottom off all the cabinets.  Turned out pretty well.

I know there is a lot of worry about adding too much weight with floating floors.  I weighed a new box and kept a count of how much I used.  I also weighed the scraps and subtracted that from the total.  So my new floor weighs 275 lbs.  Too much?  I doubt it.  I also removed a heavy furnace, oven, water heater. 

I will be adding back in a combo water heater/furnace unit so that will save some weight.  I will not be putting back an oven.

We should talk in detail about this on theVAP Episode 29.  Check it out…

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