Let’s call her *Patches*

The Ambassador has several non VAP approved exterior openings.

I removed the 110vAC water heater and the original furnace.  These both left rather large openings.  I plan on replacing these with a combo unit from Precision Temp, an Ambasador contributor.

I also removed the original black tank vent on the roof because it was attached to a rubber hose in the wall that was rotted.  It also would not work with a modern toilet.  The original vent for the black tank came from the base of the toilet.

So I spent the day making panels to cover these areas with Alclad Aluminum contributed by Air Parts Inc.

I used my Harbor Freight electric shear to cut it.  Worked great!

One panel down, several to go!

Next I had to mark and drill rivet holes in the panels.  I measured .5 inch from the edge then 1.5 inch spacing all around.

Ready to install panels.  One problem.  I only had enough rivets to install one panel!

The old black vent location.  Should be leak free now!  This was the only patch I had enough rivets to install.  Need to fire my inventory guy.

Anyone got a rivet shaver for rent?!?!

Since I ran out of rivets, I went on to a different project alltogether.  I needed to change out the trailers 6-pin wiring socket.  The old one was rusted up.  I also wanted to modernize it by adding a battery charge line, and get connections for a power hitch jack and the emergentcy breakaway switch.

Here is the original rusted 6-way socket that was on the trailer.  Notice the poor attempt to paint it to make it *pass* 😉

The left hole held the 6-way socket.  The right one is a 4-pin socket.  This is how the trailer was originally.  When the cable was setup it would tie into both sockets.  The 6-pin for brakes, running lights, brake lights, etc…, the right 4-pin was for a charge circuit only.  So your cable coming from your tow vehicle had to split into two connections at the trailer end if you wanted to charge a trailer battery.

I re-wired the original 6-way socket, with a modern 7-way, to supply charging power as well.  The 7-way socket adds a center pin which is normaly used for backup lights.  Back-up lights are not available on my Ambassador. :-(  In addtion to wiring the new socket, I routed, out of the belly pan, a power wire for a future jack, and the brake wire for a new brake away switch that I ordered from Vintage Trailer Supply.

Close up of new 7-way socket.

Job done!.  With the rewiring I did, I will only need to use the 7-way socket for everything I need.  The right 4-pin socket will now be available for an alternate charging plug, like from a generator, or a 12vdc power point to power 12vdc stuff outside the trailer.

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