It’s time for Tubby

I decided to clean up the old faded bathtub.  There are a few different methods to do this.  Simply sanding and waxing is one.  Or painting with a two part epoxy paint.  I opted for choice number two so I could change from the original pink color to something a little more modern.

The tub is ABS plastic.  That causes some problems because you can’t just paint it with any kind of paint.  A two-part acrylic automotive paint, like they use on car bumpers, is actually ideal.  But it involves expensive paints and special spray equipment and techniuqes.  So I opted for a cheaper DIY method.  In comes from Tubby USA.

The Tubby product is formulated for refinishing household tubs as its main objective.  However it also says on the box, that it will work for fiberglass, porcelin, and plastics.  I called and asked specifically about ABS and they assured me it would be fine.  So I thought I’d give it a shot.  The kit comes with everything you need.  It’s rolled on and fairly inexpensive at $75 for the kit.

Here is the tub after special cleaning with the included cleanser and wet sanding.  It was pretty much discolored even before the sanding.  It needed updated bad.

Here is the paint shop, er uh, garage.  The two cans there are the Tubby paint and hardner.  You mix them as per the instructions.

Here is the tub after the second coat.  You have to wait 1.5 hours between coats.  So the job took about 3 hours from start to finish.  Now I just have to wait the 48 hours dry time before I can bath in it 🙂

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