Monthly Archives: January 2007

Kitchen 80%

More work today on the kitchen area.  I had run power for a 12vdc power point on the end of the cabinet.  So I went ahead and installed that first thing today.  Should come in handy.


Next task before putting the counter top in place was to put the cabinet shelf back in place.


I decided to fit the sink in place before mounting the counter top and avoid having to stand on my head tighening the bolts ;-)  I also fitted the new drains and put on stainless hoses on the faucet.


With a big heav-hoe and a lot of muttering, the counter top is fitted in place with the sink and faucet already mounted.


Next I fitted the cook top in place and screwed it down.  I started running out of time so I’ll have to finish the gas fitting next time and connect up the sink hoses to the supply lines.


There is still a lot of triming out to do with the alumium trim yet to be fitted, but it was a good days work.  Although I never acomplish as much as I expect to.  Such is the nature of the job.

One last shot of the kitchen.


More to follow….

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