Leaking A/C Pan

This post is about a year and a half overdue.  But someone had the question with a similar issue so I thought I post it.

Ever since I installed my Dometic Penguin A/C – Heatpump with the drip pan, it would randomly leak in the trailer.  I didn’t know if it was temperature related or if the drain hose was plugged or had a kink.  I thought maybe the clamp on the hose was too loose.  It was a constant battle.  I was able to get away with it for a while depending on the level of the trailer, but a lot of times I would have to take off the filters and remove the water that collected in the inside shroud before it started dripping.

Last  year while visiting my brother in Arkansas, the dripping started up again, but this time it was awful.  It just would build up quickly and drip lots of water on the floor.

Courtesy  parking in AK

Courtesy parking in AK

Since we were going to be visiting for a few days, I decided to dig into the problem a little more.  I had to remove the plastic shroud and the metal bracket that holds the A/C on the roof.  Only then did I have a clear view of the drain pan, and the trouble was obvious.

The drain pan is molded plastic that funnels the A/C condensation down to a hose bib.  The hose bib is glued with an adhesive to the drain pan.  That was where the trouble was.  The original seam was never glued all the way.  So when water hit a certain level in the pan, it just dripped right out, into the shroud which held the water until it saturated.

I was glad to have found the leak, but needed something to fix it.  My brother went to his shed and came back with this stuff.

Henry 906

Henry 906

Henry 906.  I’ve never used it or even heard of it before, but with words like premium quality, rubberized for flexibility, and sealing vents and flashing, I figured it was worth a try.  It actually went on easily and once set, it looked very close to what was originally used on the drain pan.

Finished repair.

Finished repair.

I think I let it set for an hour or so after the application.  It did the trick.  Like I said, a year and a  half with no more leaks.  I guess good stuff can come from Arkansas….



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