Fixing water damaged walls

When I took the Ambassador to the forums rally a few weeks ago, I discovered an unpleasant sight, a bubbling water damaged wall. Every year during hard rains I venture out to the trailer to check for leaks. This year for some reason, I failed to check. The street side vent pipe cover had cracked and let water into the trailer.

I’ve sealed the leak for now while waiting for new vent covers. So now I’m dealing with the wall.

I found the wood veneer separating from the wood in several spots.



After letting the wood complete dry out, I decided to add some wood glue to the affected areas. I used hobby blunt point needles to apply glue. I purchased the needles from amazon.


I filled the needle with glue and used a drilling motion to pierce the veneer layer and inject the glue.


After wiping the excess glue, I applied some wax paper to the area and placed a board to push the veneer flat, back into place. I secured it will some wood sandwiched between the bulkhead wall.




I’m waiting for the glue to setup overnight. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

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