The stickers are here!

The DMV registration showed up already. I thought this would take six to eight weeks!

I couldn’t wait to install my 1960 plate. The DMV sent two aluminum tabs for the stickers. Very nice. Since this plate was so hard to come by and expensive, I decided to install it with security screws. Just to make it a little harder for the bad guys.


I decided to turn on the headlights to get a photo of the plate all lit up. I turned them on and only the two front amber lights came on. Nothing on the rear. The brake/blinker lights work, but not the parking lights. What is odd is the front ambers work. So must not be a fuse.

I checked all of this after I moved the license plate light and it was ok….. Uggg…

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2 thoughts on “The stickers are here!

  1. Tim Post author

    You need to listen to episode 160! Before ’56 all the plates had the year of the vehicle stamped on it. Starting in ’56 they put slots on either side of the year and were going to issue metal tabs to cover the 56 for years 57, 58, etc… They ended up never using the metal plates. They starting using stickers. So if you look close you can see the 1960 original sticker. It’s a proper plate for a 1960 trailer.

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