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License Light

I purchased a YOM, Year Of Manufacture license plate for my Ambassador. I’m still waiting for the registration to come through before I can mount it.

A past owner moved the license plate mount from the center to the street tail light, but they didn’t move the light. They moved it because of the spare tire mount. The mount is pretty much rusted to the rear bummer, so it’s not going anywhere.

I decided to move the light today so my new plate will have a better home.

I removed the tail light to see how far down I could feed a wire. It wasn’t to far since there is a cross beam. It was just far enough. Of course I had to polish it a little.


I drilled a small hole and fed the wire up to the tail lamp above. I soldered my connections.


Last step was to drill and mount the light. I used butyl tape behind it. The original license plate mount was modified and rusty. VTS sells them new. I have one on the way.


I also ordered a Wally Byam Caravan reproduction sign to cover the old mount location. I could have just cut a piece of alclad, but wanted a little more style. Being an actual pre-62 Byam trailer, it’s possible and appropriate. 😉 But not likely….

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22 and half way

Today was all about the back the of the trailer. In 6 hours I was able to do all three passes. Total 22. I figure I’m just over half way done.




This photo shows the street side, which is not finished, to give you an idea of the change.


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Total of 16

Six more hours. This time I cyclo’d the curbside between end caps. I went over it twice, the first time with F7, then again with Nuvite S.

Looks pretty good, but my arms are tired!



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