Back to the grindstone

Today I decided to work on a few odds and ends. And ended up putting in about 7 hours…

One of the items was sink covers. You never have enough counter space in a trailer and sink covers help out. I had saved the peice of countertop when I made the cut out for the sink so I could use it for the sink covers.

I cut them to size. The hard part was cutting the edges out so it could drop into the sink. Since I don’t have table saw I used my skill saw once again. I cut 1/8″ strips along the edges with the blade depth set to leave around an 1/8″ material on the top. Then I used my wood chisel to knock out the peices. It’s not perfect but it got the job done. Staining and poly coating was next.

I actually did the cutting and staining a while ago.


Here they are in place.


Next up was to hide some wiring that runs along the top of the fridge shelf. These wires are for the TV’s and stereo, etc…


I just used some left over oak and cut it fit and trimmed it out.


On our last couple of trips I noticed that the plywood under the trailer at the tub drain was wet. So I decided to pull the drain and seal it up again with more putty and then I found I did not used teflon tape on the part the screws into the trap. This always holds water since its below the floor line so thats probably where it was leaking.


Now that the drain was fixed it was time to start putting the belly pan back. First thing was to put some insulation in place.


Next it was time to unpack the aluminum. This was from, a Vintage Airstream Podcast contributor. The aluminum comes rolled up in four foot widths. Note the rope. You need to tie the rope around the roll before you cut the tape to control its expansion.


After laying it in place, I decided to just put it up in one peice and cut and trim as I went.


Its kind of hard to make these out since the aluminum is so reflective. I’m very happy with the results. I still have a few trim peices to do and a whole lot more rivets to keep it in place.




How’s that for an update? I didn’t expect to get so much done, but sometimes you get lucky.

See ya down the road…

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