Did not have much time today to work on the trailer.  I decided to get the Shurflo water pump installed and start preping for the fresh water tank.

Here are the items Shurflo contributed to the project.  An Extreme Series Smart Sensor 4.0, a pre filter, and silencing kit.


I just layed it out and ran the water pipe that I had waiting for it into place.


The relay actually powers the pump so that I can use the switch that is on the SeeLevel gauge to turn it on.  Works great.

Here’s another view of the install.


Pretty much just like it was originally with the water tank up front under the window and the water pipe running along the street side wall.  I’ll add a little trim to hide it.

The couch will sit in front of the water tank.  I’m now designing the custom water tank and expect to have it built next week.  I’m thinking of going with 13″ x 12″ x 45″.  This will be a 30 gallon tank.  The formula to find out how many gallons is:

0.00432900431 * (13 * 12 * 45) = 30.3896103

Just substitue your tank demensions to find the gallons.  So now I’m in search of a water fill and water tank vent that can go on the side of the trailer.  These will dictate the fittings I’ll need to order for the tank.

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