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I received my Removall paint stripper from Vintage Trailer Supply this past week.  I thought today would be a good time to give it a try.

I purchased two gallons and used about a gallon and a half.


Of course this is to remove the clearcoat Colin and Rob said I would not have if I stayed vintage….  So much for that idea….

Its basically a brush on stripper that you leave on for 1-6 hours as the directions say.   It took me about four hours to apply it to the trailer.   Then I waited two hours before spraying it off.  So some parts got 6 hours others got a little over two.


The directions call for a power washer and I did not have one. I was hopeing the hose with a jet sprayer would work.  It did in a lot of spots, but overall there is a lot of stubborn areas still there.


I called around and found a buddy with an electric power washer, so I’m going to borrow that tomorrow.  The directions say for best results leave it on overnight, so I don’t think it will be a problem waiting for tomorrow afternoon with the power washer.

It does make a big mess with water all over, and the stripper residue, so be prepared.  I wore a rain coat!

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