Front flat screen mounted ….sort of

I ordered the TV mounting plate from Airstream for $30 (left) and won an eBay auction for the cantilever Omnimount for less than $30..


I was hoping the Airstream mounting plate would have a way to secure the TV while in transit.  I envisioned slots for velco straps but these plates did not have them.  So I’ll have to fashion something.  Nothing is ever easy.

First I had to hollow out some wood for the mounted screws to be resessed into the wall.  This is the location for the 20″ LCD flatscreen I bought last Thanksgiving.


It’s just a matter of trying to keep things level.  Of course I put some backing behind the bulkhead realizing I’d be mounting this TV here.  



I’m not quite ready to take the TV from my office and mount it in the trailer :-).  So this replica will have to do.  This is shown in the viewing position.



And the travel position.


So as long as the real TV’s mounting holes line up like this one, I’ll be all set.  I have a similar project to do in the back for a 15″ LCD….

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