Odds and ends

I’m waiting for a LCD TV mount I bought ebay to show up before I mount the bulkhead I made.  I may mount it with tee-nuts so I’m waiting.

Today I got a few small projects done.  I painted the exhaust pipe on the TwinTemp Jr. with high temp paint.



Next I added a screen over the two fresh air intakes I made for the Jr.  Looks like I missed a rivet! 🙂


Lastly on the Jr. I installed the cover.  Hopefully it can stay on for a while!


Next it was time to move on to the fridge.  I installed the 3/8″ copper gas line and fished the condensation drain out the bottom of the trailer.


On each point of entry for the propane lines, I added a gas shut off valve.


Well that was it for the day.  The main propane line will be 1/2″ copper.  But I can’t run it until the new axles are installed.

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