More A/C Work

I had a couple of hours to get some more work done on the A/C unit today.

The wiring at the opening was connected to the heatpump.  This included the 110vac, Comfort Control Center, 12vdc, and furnace wiring.


With the wiring tucked up in place, I mounted the ceiling package.


The final step in the instructions should have been the first step.  There is a set of dip switches that need to be set depending on your configuration of the heatpump.  The last instruction tells you how to set this switch.  However, the switch is located on the roof under the shroud! 🙁

So, up on the roof and pulling the cover was the next step.  I had to tell the system it will be connected to a furnace.  This will allow the Comfort Control Center to a) operate the furnace, and b) when running the heatpump and the outside temp drops to 30 degrees, the system will automatically shut down the heatpump and turn on the furnace.

After I got that setup, I continued to wire up the rest of it.  I ran the 110vac 20amp dedicated circuit from the vent opening into the pantry.  From there it went into the overhead curbside cabinet and was wired to a junction box I had waiting for it.


After the 110vac was wired I only had a few minutes left to work on the trailer.  I decided to temporarily wire the 12dc and plug in the Comfort Control Center for a quick test.


Everything appears to be working perfectly.  The one thing I like about the Comfort Control System compared to my older A/C unit is that the fan has an AUTO mode.  When the trailer reaches the temperature you set, the fan will shut off. 

So the mode selections are, Fan only, Cool, Heatpump, and Furnace.  Once I wire the thermostat leads from the TwinTemp Jr, I should be able to control everything from this one location.  Sweet! 🙂

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