Shower plumbing and fridge prep

I had a few small projects to do today.  I was hoping at the end of the day I could get some help getting the fridge from the garage inside the trailer.  But my help got tied up so we’ll have to shoot for another day.

The fridge is a Dometic 1062RBS with the black stainless steel doors.  Here it is still sitting in the garage.



Its a monster standing at 60″ tall and amost 10 cu ft of storage.  The fridge was a contribution by Dometic to the Ambassador Project of theVAP.

The first small project I did was to get a dedicated air conditioner circuit routed from the breaker box to the overhead cabinet.  This is a 20 amp circuit that I will tie into when I install the air conditioner.  I decided to day to put the A/C in the same spot I put the Fantastic Fan.  So I will have to remove the fan and move it forward about three feet.  This will give a better center location for the A/C and will look better.  I don’t look forward to removing the fan, I put it on there pretty good 🙁

Next up was finishing the shower fixture.  I decided to get a new one as the original was too far gone to save.  I picked up a decent brass fixture from Camping World with a new hose and shower head.




I spent the rest of the time cleaning up the trailer.  A lot of sawdust and wire trimming were everywhere.  I wanted to get some working space ready for the fridge.  I ordered a modern Airstream fridge chimney and colar so I can put a proper roof vent in.


Well that’s it for the day.  Hopefully I’ll get the fridge in the trailer tomorrow or the next day.  And my supplies should come in this week for a possible fridge install next weekend.


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