Ready to drop it off a cliff!

It’s been a bad week for the Ambassador.  So bad I don’t even  have any photos.

First was yesterday.  The great part of yesterday was I met the designer of the Twin Temp Jr.  Gerry from Precision Temp came by to help do some final testing on the Jr.  Gerry is a very nice and knowlegeable guy with a lot of excitment for his companies product.

The bad part is I was not quite ready with all the final wiring and propane hook up for his arrival.  Gerry politely helped with the final wiring and we used by BBQ propane tank for a fuel source.  We started puting water into the system ( I could not get the correct antifreeze in time), as the system built a little pressure we realized what a poor plumber I really am :-(  Two of the three heat exchangers leaked at the fittings because I did not have them tight enough.  So water poured all over the floor. 

We cleaned up and fixed the connections but one of the heat exhcangers had a crack in it.  Likely from me tightening down the fitting improperly.  We contiuned with the test in spite of the leak and the Jr. was putting out slient heat quite quickly.  All in all the test was a success.  However, I’ll need a replacement heat exchanger and check for leaks.  After there are none, I will have to pump out a gallon of water and replace it with anitfreeze.

Today I was hoping to start on the fridge chimney.  Mother nature had other ideas and has been sending downpours of rain the last three days with today being the worst.

I was meandering around the trailer scoping out the hole in the roof I need to make for the chimeny collar when a drop of water hit my face.  I was right under my new fantastic vent I installed.  I pulled the trim peice off but cannot locate the minor but continuous drip.

Next I walked back to the rear and found the vanity counter top covered in water.  I looked up and water was dripping from the top of the window frame.  I driled out the aluminum window trim and water just poured out.  So water is leaking in above the window frame somwhere.  I can’t figure it out yet.  The window has a rain gutter that I sealed the top long ago.

I ended up going out after dark in the rain and tied a tarp over the rear third of the trailer hoping that would help until I can figure it out.  Later it really started coming down.  So I went out with my flash light and when I opened the door there was about a foot puddle at the entrance ;-(  So the front door is still leaking.  You may remember I worked on that for days trying to get it to seal.  

I looked around a found another small leak on a side window coming in the lower corner.  And the last leak is a major one at the front which looks like its coming in from the original water hookup.  I had pulled this loose and resealed it with vulkem but I guess it did not take.  Or it may be leaking up higher like the rotor which I also resealed.

All this standing water is not good for my floating floor.  So I’m not sure what the state of this will be after all this rain.


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