Quiet heat from the TwinTemp Jr.

Gerry from Precision Temp sent me a replacement heat exchanger and it arrived today.  The rain let up just enough to give it a try.

Here’s the old exchanger.


I replaced the one I broke with the new one and was extra careful to use two wrenches while tightening the fittings.  I added some water to the Jr. and ran the pump and watched for leaks.  Looks good! 🙂

Here is the replacement exchanger put back under the kitchen counter.


Next I had to pump a couple of gallons of water out so I could put the non-toxic antifreeze in.  I topped it off with water and hooked up my BBQ grills propane tank to give a test.

After a few minutes of the Jr. doing its thing we had heat!  Nice and quite coming from all three resgisters.


Just a couple of loose ends to button up on the Jr. system and it gets a DONE stamp!

As soon as I get some time I’ll hook up some water to the trailer and test for my instant and endless JR. hot water supply.  Stay tuned.



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