One step foward two steps back

I only have a very limited time on Sundays to work on the trailer.  Today was spent trying to recover a little from yesterdays disaster.

Here is a photo of the tarp I put on in the rain and dark.  It did stop the further leaks in the rear.


After whining on the forums of the problems yesterday I found two other people who had leaks in the rear window due to the seams leaking on the rear dome.  Both fixed by sealing the seams from the outside.  I’m running low on Parbond so I’ll get some more ordered and get going on it.

The other leak was the original water inlet spigot.  I sealed it before but it was a pretty flimsy setup since the original tank was missing and that is what secured it.


So it had to go.  I’ll probably get a new water fill for my new fresh water tank when ever I get to ordering it.   But for now I just made a simple patch.


The last major leak is the front door.  I was reminded of a way to test the seals for water tightness using a dollar bill.  I put the dollar in the hinge side of the door and closed it.  The bill was tight in the seam.  When I did the same test on the latch side, the bill fell out with no resistance.  So this is where the rain will find its way through.

Bad thing is I don’t really know of a good way to fix this.  Need to do some more homework on shaping the door.  I tried all kinds of ideas a few months ago and got it close, but not close enough.

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