Lower fridge vent

I started out wandering aimlessly around the trailer.  Not too motivated to do much of anything.  I drilled the fresh air intake in the belly pan for the TwinTemp, and the hole for the exhaust pipe.  The exhaust pipe is too long, I’ll need to find a shorter one.  You are also supposed to put an exhaust pipe brace on the pipe which is not included and I don’t have one :-(.  So that project came to a stop.

Next I decided to put the glazing trim on the last window.  That was quick.

So I just went ahead and decided to install the lower air intake vent for the fridge.  I drilled through the floor and made the longest vent opening I could before it interferred with the storage pipe on the belly.


Next was to drill down through the belly pan and cut it out as well.


Finished up the topside by adding a baffle made of aluminum to keep the insulation in the belly clear of the vent.  Then I used some screen over the opening.



A few rivets and additional screen at the bottom and the lower vent is complete.


The opening is about 3″ x 15″ giving 45 sq in of vent.  Is that a enough?  Who knows :-).  I’m planing on adding two fans in the top vent install as well to help out when needed.

I liked the idea of the vent in the floor instead of the side.  My ’71 Safari vented in the floor and it worked great w/o any blow outs from wind or anything.  Also less change of getting water in as you would in a side vent.

However, if it proves to not be enough venting, I’ll take the service door off and have it punched with louvers.

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