As if I don’t already have enough leaks

I drilled another hole in the roof today.  A rather large one too.

First day without rain and I decided to get a head start on installing the new fridge vent.

The original vent was a 3″ hole that only vented the exhaust gases.  Now days the entire back of the fridge is vented so I needed to upgrade my chimney.  I thought about putting in a louvered grill for the upper vent but since my fridge is so large that would put the vent up high on the curved portion of the trailer.  That would look really out of place.

So I opted for a modern day Airstream fridge vent.  Cost wasn’t too bad.  About $70 for both the collar and the cap.

Here is the original vent.


I removed it and use the position as the initial placement for the new vent and started drilling!


I added two fans in the vent to help the draft on those hot days.


Here is the vent collar dry fitted.  It got too dark to finish it up.  That will be for another day.


Lets just hope it doesn’t rain!

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