Kitchen Counter

Got some time in on the trailer today because of the holiday. 

I decided to get some work done on the kitchen cabinetry.  The original configuration had an oven and I am going with a drop in cooktop and a built in convection microwave below it.  There was also some delamination near the bottom.  I decided to try my hand at reskining the whole thing.

Here is a before shot.


After hours and hours of work it seemed like to get all that off to expose the basic frame.  Does that look like progress?!?! 🙂


One problem with this.  The orginal grain lines run up and down.  The 4’x8′ sheet of 1/8″ oak has the grain running up and down along the full length.  So the widest piece I can make with the grain running right is 48″.  You might say big deal, just run the grain length wise.  I would too, but since I am reusing the doors, they have the grain running vertical, I thought it would look weird.

So I ended up with a small seem and I lined it up where the cabinet doors meet.


Here is the finsihed product that still needs sanding and staining.  I also made a countertop but it was too cold to put the laminate on today.

I still need to buy the sink, cooktop, and microwave so I know what size for the cut outs.  I also eliminated the small storage door below the original oven.  I’m going to put a heater blower there.


I decided to make the countertop edge rounded to keep the point from being sharp.  I’ll have to see how the laminate forms around it.  Need a hot day…



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