Jalousie windows

I can’t spell it or pronounce it but I spent all day working on it.  These jalousie windows have a lot of work to get them in good shape.

There are fuzz strips that run up the sides, and a rubber weatherstrip that runs across the bottom.  And each window is held in with a rubber button.  All of these items were so old they were dired up a deteriorated.  So I ended up completely disassembling the windows to get it cleaned up.

Here is the before of the lower window.  I have two stacked on each other.


Pretty nasty huh?  I ended up pulling out each window slat and all the old weatherstripping and cleaning up the parts as best I could.

Here is a shot of the new fuzzy strip going in.  It’s much easier to do with the glass out.


Next is the rubber weather seal for the bottom.  Not a perfect fit and took some work to get it in.


And here is the shot of the completed window with all the glass installed and the rubber buttons holding them in.


It’s a big improvement.  Only it does not close all the way smoothly w/o wrenching on it.  I’ll have to find out what’s binding, but thats for another day.

Both windows are nicely cleaned and sealed up.  And they don’t rattle when I close the door to the trailer anymore 😉


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