Busy work

This update is for the last two days.  Seems like I’ve been working on it like crazy but not much is getting done.  Such is the way with vintage restorations I guess.

I did mange to get the vanity and the streetside twin bed mounted.  I also got the power vents mounted for the TwinTemp. 

I kind of stalled out after that because I needed to do a lot more wiring.  I needed to add some wire for the new SeeLevel tank monitor system and well as some wiring for speakers and the antenna.   So I ended up with wires all over the place!

Here you can see some of them rounding the curve up to the front of the trailer toward the original fuse box.


I also managed to get the vanity power vent plumbed and wired in.  The SeaTech fittings are really cool.  It seems very interesting that they will be leak free ( I hope anyway).  You literally just push the pipe in about an inch into the fitting and thats it.  Nothing else.  Also the pipe will freely rotate after its in the fitting as well.  So if you put an elbow on you can rotate it around as needed.  Like I said kinda scary but they are supposed to work well.  Even in RV’s as that’s one if the areas on their website.


Here is a shot at the TwinTemp.  So the TwinTemp is starting to get plumbed in.  There is alot to be done before it can be fired up though.  I still have not installed the exhaust pipe underneath, and it also needs a propane line as well.


Here is shot of the of the kitchen as seen on the way out.  The kitchen cabinet is not mounted, just sitting there.  I need to get a microwave asap so I can make the opening for it.  Then I can probably go ahead and mount the cabinet.


I had a few minutes left of daylight, so I managed to get the city water inlet installed.  Right above the water inlet is going to be a cable input for the TV.  I still need to make a plate for it. 


There ya go!

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