Today was a big day.  First thing I did was install the TwinTemp Jr.  It was a little scary because it needs an exhaust hole cut into the subfloor, an air intake through the subfloor and four bolt holes through the bottom of the floor as well.  All w/o hitting any frame members or blocking future tank or plumbing locations….  As it turns out two of the mounting bolts are in the grey tank cavity.  So if the TwinTemp ever has to be removed the grey tank will have to be dropped first :-(.

I started by measuring the vent locations and measuring the area I planned for the TwinTemp, from above and below where I had the belly pan pulled back.

Here is the bottom of the TwinTemp with the vent and air intake hole.


Next I used paper to create a quick template of the vent locations and drilled a small test pilot hole and ran a red wire through it so I could measue from below to make sure everything is free of frame members.


Everything looks good.  So the holes were cut and a screen was put in over the fresh air intake.  I then laid the twin temp in the spot to see how everything lined up and to outline the corners so I could fine the locations of the mounting bolts.


So here we go.  TwinTemp mounted! :-).  The system comes with rubber spacers that keep the TwinTemp elevated so the fresh air can circulate, and to cushion the unit.  What a relief to get this thing mounted.


The first photo of todays post showed that I had to totally remove the tub, vanity, and toilet and made the trailer a complete mess.  I needed to run a lot of wiring and plumbing behind the tub, vanity, and black tank.

I decided to run two #6 wires to get high current +12vdc back and forth to each side of the trailer, I still don’t know where the battery is going.  I also ran CATV wiring, speaker wiring, and CAT5 wire just to have it.  Also power for the TwinTemp power vent in the vanity.

The plumbing I needed to do was to get the TwinTemp furnace plumbing to the vanity as well as standard plumbing for the bath sink and toilet.  The red PEX is for the TwinTemp and the white PEX lines are for the vanity.  All lines were secured to the trailer wall.


Next an opening was made in the base of the vanity for a furnace vent.  The vents are like little radiators that hot antifreeze is pumped through.  Here are a couple of photos.  First the front.


And the back.  The muffin fans can be seen here.  They kick on when the TwinTemp thermostat calls for heat.


Here’s the bathroom more or less back together.  If you look at the bottom of the vanity you can see the hole cut for the power vent yet to be installed.


And finally an over view shot of the work today.


That’s it for today.  Tune in next time for more exciting Ambassador restoration! 😉

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