Not enough time…

Things that should be quick are sometimes the slowest.  All-Rite suggested testing the tanks for leaks before installing them.  Sounds like a good suggestion.

But somehow between testing the two tanks and refinishing the vanity, all my time was gone for the night….

I’m trying to get enough things ready to install the bathroom asap.  So testing the black tank is a step closer.

Here it is with no leaks!


And the grey tank.  No leaks either 😉


It emptied ok I guess.  Of course it did leave a few gallons in when done because of the drain location.  When I mount it I think I’ll try to raise the opposing end a half inch or so to help it drain more.


And lastly the bathroom vanity with its cleaned up finish.


Like I said, not much done.  Time goes by too qucikly.  I see why these restorations take a long long time. 


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