More riveting work.

Time to break out the aluminum again!

I needed to close up those openings on the inside with insulation and some aluminum paneling.  These will all be covered up by cabinets and won’t be seen when complete.

So the first thing was to get out the ol’ Harbor Freight shears and the aluminum from Air Parts Inc.


Here is the first opening, which is where the orginal gas heater was.  When I got the trailer that had been replaced with a 110VAC heater.


Add a little insulation…


Then of course, finally the new panel.


I needed to get this done because I intend to mount the TwinTemp right in front of it.  While I was making panels I also sheated over the other two openings in the kitchen.


There ya have it for todays work.  Tomorrow is the last day of daylight savings.  I don’t expect to be able to do too much after work from here on out during the work week unless I can confine it to the inside of the trailer.

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