Getting ready for rain.

Hard to believe that I’m trying to get ready for rain as its 85 degrees and sunny today.  But the weather turns on a dime around here so you never know.  Also today is the start of the last week of daylight savings time :-(.

I sealed the top of the main door gutter, I could see daylight through the seam.  I also removed the porch light and scraped off the old putty which was dryed out.  I added new putty, painted the heads of the screws and secured it back on the trailer.

I also decided to attack this little project.


The rusty old TV pole.  Its kinda neat actually.  Inside that rusty box in the middle is a gear that attaches to a crank inside. It functions as a nify rotor.  I had no idea if the seal was water tight behind this thing or not.  Plus I needed to deal with the rust.

So I took it all apart.  After fighting some rusty screws with the dremal and drill, I got it apart.


And it left this rusty mess on the trailer.


After completely disassembling it and painting what I could I got it back together.  Good thing I did this because the gasket between the rusty metal square and the trailer was completely wasted.  I replaced it with putty and vulkem across the top.

It’s all back together and working nicely.  Another project checked off the list.


We always use the cable TV connections at campgrounds, so I don’t think we’ll be needing the TV antenna anyway.  My plan now is to figure out how to use it to get better wifi into the trailer.  I have a nice high gain wifi antenna that could be mounted to this pole.  If I can figure out a way to get that hooked up inside the trailer that would be cool.  Only problem is the wifi card I have does not have an antenna input.  More to think about… 🙂

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