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The original electrical connection on this trailer for the 110vac shoreline is on the curb side of the trailer.  It feeds two (very old) 20 amp breakers.  These two breakers supply power to the outlets in the trailer as well as the lights.

Since I am going to be adding some modern appliances, ie. A/C, mircowave, TwinTemp, I need to update the electrical panel.  I purchased the smallest panel I could find that would support the number of breakers I needed.

Besides updating the eletrical panel, I’m also going to move the 110v ac inlet to the street side so it will be closer to the hookups found at modern campgrounds.  I purchased a Marinco 30amp stainless steel power inlet for this, along with a Marinco 30′ RV cord as well.  This should be a very nice upgrade for the trailer.

Here is the original electrical breaker box that came with the trailer.  Note the lamp on the top that would light up if the campground’s A/C was wired reversed.


After removing power, my next goal was to figure out what these wires went to.  The larger 10 gauge wires are from the current power inlet which will not be used.  This fed both 20amp breakers.  Each breaker powered the outlets on each side of the coach. 

I decided to reuse this box as a junction box to make my A/C connections from the new panel to the old wiring.  This original box was in the curb side closet.  I mounted my new box in the street side closet so it would be closer to to the new power inlet (on order).  There was already one armored cable runing under the coach, inside the belly pan that fed a street side electric water heater.  So I reused that line and ran two others, one to feed the existing trailer outlets, and another to power the new fridge when it A/C mode.

Still needs a little clean up work.  The unterminated wires are from the original inlet.  They will be capped.  You can see the two new flex lines installed.


Here is a shot of the new box in the street side closet.   The first breaker on the left is a 30 amp main, yet to be wired.  The next one is is a 20 amp for the future A/C.  The remaining are for outlets, and lights.  I will also wire in dedicated breakers for the microwave and TwinTemp.


Moving on….

While I’m waiting for the custom black tank to be made, I decided to tackle the new countertop for the vainty.  The old Formica was dull and faded.  We are replacing it with new Formica contributed by Formica.com.  We are also replacing the sink with a stainless steel model.

So here is the original vanity.  Note the original pink sink that matched the pink tub and pink toilet!


First thing to do was remove the countertop to use as a template for the new one.


On close inspection, I found some interesting writing on the bottom of the counter.  It shows the trailers VIN number, the fact that the trailer is an International model, and that the Formica was changed from Crusing Fleck to Tan Linen just before it was made!


Here is the rough in of the new countertop.  I got the sink in for a test fit as well.  I need to get some 3/8″ molding to get the edge the correct thickness so I can laminate it.


Thats it for today.   Plenty for tomorrow 🙂 .

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