Bathroom goes back in

I got a good start on the bathroom assembly.  I had to take a 4 hour break from trailer work in the middle of the day.  So that set me back a little.

I ended up getting the tub installed.  I wanted to try this to see if I can fish pex piping behind it after it was in. I was able to no problem.  I’ll need to fish a hot and cold line and also two pex heater lines as I am going to install a heater vent in the vanity.

Here is a photo of the tub.  I have not put the trim in yet.  Need to polish it up first.  Also waiting to install a new shower wall covering.  The old green wallpaper is not going to cut it.  I’ll have to research this a bit.


I also installed the new larger black tank.  I had to cut an opening in the base of the closet bulkhead.  I ended up using a dremal tool for it.  Worked great.

Here’s a photo of the tank in the closet.  I’ll be building a box around it.  Also visible is the vent opening on the tank.  This will run up inside the closet and out through the rooftop.


Here is another shot of it.


Now its time to make the wooden enclosure.  This is all just dry fitted for now.  Nothing is screwed down yet.




Everything seems like a good fit so far.  I have nice toilet height.  On my ’71 the toilet was so high my feet would almost dangle.  Never liked that!

Need to cut a few more flooring peices to finish it off, then take it all apart and screw and glue it.  Then it will be on to the vanity.

Until next time…..

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