A little here and a little bit there…

Didn’t have a lot of time lately to work on the trailer.  A few family obligations came first.

I did get a couple of hours in today and actually got some needed stuff acomplished.

First off I went back to installing the new AC outlets.  The holes that Airstream originally made barely fit the outlets they used.  I of course had slightly larger ones so each hole, six in all, had to be modified.  Trusty dremal on the job.  Can’t restore an Airstream without one!

Here is a original outlet removed.


And here is the new outlet ready to go into the modified opening.


And at last the test with power.  The two orange lights mean everythings OK! 🙂


Just multiply all of that time six, and it takes up a lot of your time!

After putting in the new gasket on the door, the deadbolt did not work at all.  It actually never worked pefectly, but it was usable.  I wanted a smooth operation.  I did not want the door to have to be pulled in or pushed tight for the bolt to operate.

The fix was to trim off more of the bolt.  Of course mine was a hollow deatbolt 🙁 so that made it interesting trimming it down.  But its still pretty beefy and will do the job, which is to keep the door from popping open while towing!



My mother is now a contributor to the trailer restoration! :-)  I wonder if she has a logo to add to the Contributor’s Banner? 😉

She saw that we needed a new mirror and had a couple of extras and brought one by.  Fits perfect!  Thanks mom!


And lastly, the TwinTemp has finally made it into the trailer.  It’s just sitting there waiting for its turn.  Which should be real soon.  I need to get it mounted and the logistics of all its support componets figured out.


Well, thats it.  Like I said, not much time in, but it was good to get a few things done.


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