Couple of more hours on the floor….

Today after work I got a chance to lay some more flooring down.  Had some problems getting started as there was a bump in the floor where I already laid it.  After some investigation I found one of the plastic spacers fell under the floor!  Had to remove a few planks to get to it.  Now all is well.

Biggest twist today was figuring out the door threshold.  It originally had a peice of angle metal going over the edge of the floor then down the side.  Since this is laminate flooring it is 3/8″ higher than the previous tile floor.  So I had to improvise a bit and add a 3/8″ peice of wood for a spacer to raise the threshold and tie it in even with the flooring.  Unfortunately I did not get a good photo of it.  I’ll add one later.

I made some pretty good progress.  After looking closely at the photos, perhaps I should invest in some rogaine 😉

The all purpose jig saw!  I’m using a laminate blade…

Plastic tapping block that came in a floating floor install kit.  I’d recommend getting the tapping block from the manufacture of the flooring, but I could not locate one 🙁

This photo is a little washed out from the flash.  But you can see how far I got.  If you look closely that’s the door opening to the right.

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